A middle-aged single father, Steve, struggles to turn his son Ricky’s life of bullying around.

In the course of a punishment, Ricky learns about his father’s abused past, first love, and one special summer camp. This directorial debut of Larry D Williams II and first-time feature length screenplay by Jeff Frey is a heartwarming tale showing the growth of a child through friendship and love.


73 Minutes


Meet the team

Primary Cast

Adam Buck

Young Steve

Zoe Cross-Nelms

Young Jen

Makenna Weyburne


Cameron Judd

Young Chet

Tyson Hughes

Young Ron

Primary Crew

Larry D Williams II


Jeff Frey

Writer, Assistant Director, Executive Producer

Lindsey LaForest

Executive Producer

Clinton LaForest

Executive Producer / Editor

Production Companies


Rights and Property Manager, A Summer To Remember

Jeff Frey
Freyguy Entertainment
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