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Bringing Your Film To The Screen

One Stoplight Productions helps filmmakers and hopefuls bring their ideas to life through expert planning and preparation.

Planning and Execution

Script breakdowns, budgeting, location searching, day by day shot plans, and more

Cinema Packaging & Distribution

DCP packaging, Local CRU Rentals, and Independent Distribution Consultation

Trusted Regional Provider


Budget planning, filming packets, location scouting, and everything else that prepares you for filming

Production Services

We contract the best industry professionals in the area whether they be cinematographers, hair and makeup artists, talent sourcing, and beyond


Editors, color experts, audio technicians, composers. We can find the best fit for your project.

Cinema Packaging

We have been producing DCPs for Northwest Ohio for 5 years and provide access to a CRU for filmmakers not familiar with the technology.

Affordable Services

All our services are competitive and focused on building the film industry within Northwest Ohio.

How it works

Help available when your project needs it the most.


Contact our team

Using the form below, contact our team and start building your next project. We’ll reach out for further details or an initial quote.


Discuss Scope

Every project is different and has a different budget. We provide quotes based on your needs and can adjust based on your comfort level.


Negotiate Terms

Our team desires to see the film community in Northwest Ohio blossom. We set fair rates based on commitment and expectations to establish a local expectation of professionalism.



With the assistance or full management by our company, several films in our portfolio have seen award recognition. Our services can help bring you closer to your goals of recognition or profitability.