A Heartfelt Change


“A Heartfelt Change” tells the story of Jake Lewis (Charles Wetzel Jr.) who is having relationship troubles with his girlfriend, Kara (Callie Bussell). A chance encounter with a trio of creepy puppets at the county fair changes everything, and now it’s up to Jake, with the help of his best friend Deven (Vincent Migyanko), to break the curse and prove his true love for Kara before he’s doomed to eternity… as a puppet!


38 Minutes


Meet the team

Primary Cast

Charles Wetzel Jr.

Jake Lewis

Callie Bussell


Vincent Migyanko


Primary Crew

Michael DeSanto

Producer / Director / Writer

Jack O’Hare

Gaffer / Grip & Electric

Matt Erman

Camera Operator

Production Companies


Rights and Property Manager, A Heartfelt Change

Michael DeSanto
Bad Atom Studios
Email : badatomstudios@gmail.com