Getting Stable: Amanda Held

Amanda HeldAmanda's lifelong work and years of military service make her uniquely qualified to aid veterans through equine assistance learning. She is EAGALA* and The Overview MethodTM certified. Amanda established Riverbend Equine Therapy and the HOOVES program in 2011 with the mission to help veterans heal, regain control and return to the life they fought to protect.

Her educational experience has earned her a B.A. in Organizational Management and three Associates degrees. She was raised in Whitehouse OH and now lives in Grand Rapids OH with her husband, Justin, and her two children, daughter Joelle and son Trenton.

Amanda's military service:

1999-2003 United States Air Force
  • Kessler AFB, Biloxi MS
  • Lackland AFB, San Antonia TX
  • Schriever AFB, Falcon CO
Senior Airman, Human Resources Apprentice

2003-2005 Break in military service
  • Began training wild horses at base stables, Colorado Springs CO

2006 – Present Air National Guard
  • 180th Fighter Wing, Toledo OH
  • 122nd Fighter Wing, Ft Wayne IN
Technical Sergeant, Human Resources Journeyman

Deployed to Slovakia 2016
​ * EAGALA - Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.
Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 Press 1