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After a bully learns of his father’s abused past and one special summer camp, he sets out to make his father’s 30-year camp reunion unforgettable.

Jeff Frey spent 15 years writing this story, loosely based on the life changing experience of attending a summer camp during his formative years. Wanting to get this right the first time, Jeff took this time to form a heartfelt tale of romance lost, friendships built, and how bullying affects everyone involved. This multi-threaded story was built on the life lessons that Jeff has learned over the years.

One Stoplight Productions CEO and feature film writer, Lindsey LaForest, was approached to read the screenplay and offer advice on the next steps Jeff could take. Immediately, Lindsey decided that this story was perfect for expanding the repertoire of the company and plans began to under take the project. Since 2016, Lindsey and Jeff have been working toward the goal of making this film reach the big screen.

This will be the largest project to date for One Stoplight Productions. Respecting the content and the quality of the screenplay, the budget for A Summer to Remember has been built off of hiring some of the most talented filmmakers in the Toledo area and the production team is seeking to hire great actors and actresses with a focus on Ohio and Southern Michigan where the film is scheduled to film in June 2018.


Jeff Frey


As an only child hailing from Waterville, Ohio, Jeffery M. Frey 43 was always intrigued in different genres of movies to spark creativity. After high school Jeff joined the U.S. Army traveling the world while always trying to keep high moral by entertaining his fellow soldiers. After raising his step daughter with his wife, Jeff has been involved in stand-up comedy, radio and currently has his own podcast called Freyday Rehab. Still feeling that there was something missing and always drawn to film, he spent the better part of three years researching how screenplays are written and relearning English grammar. In that time he wrote his first screenplay called “A Summer to Remember” which is based on childhood memories of summer camp. He has moved back to his roots of Waterville, Ohio where he currently resides with his wife.

Lindsey LaForest


After being introduced to the filming scene in 2015, Lindsey wrote two feature length screenplays that would be come to be termed as “slashomedies.” Her drive to see these movies made into reality was the force behind the creation of One Stoplight Productions. Her energy and love of telling stories on screen continues to push the company to expand the number and quality of films being produced in the Toledo area. Lindsey is acting as an Executive Producer for A Summer to Remember as will oversee that all production and post-production activities and design.

Clinton LaForest


Clint was introduced to filmmaking during his curriculum while attending Bowling Green State University as part of the Visual Communication Technology program. Having focused on another path, he found himself working as a web developer for WGTE Public Media where he then began getting involved with both film and television production. Now, as co-owner of One Stoplight Productions with his wife Lindsey, Clint has expanded his film production skill set as COO and the primary editor for the company. He also wrote and directed One Stoplight Production’s 2017 award winning short, The Keepsake. During production of A Summer to Remember, Clint will assume multiple hats as audio engineer during filming and editor during post-production.

Larry D Williams II


Started his filmmaking career as a hobby creating music videos and basketball highlight videos for himself and his friends . This hobby quickly turned into the ideal dream job. Larry Attended the Film school at University of Toledo where his passion continued to grow. Graduating in 3 years Larry became very interested in the image aspect of filmmaking and set his studies in Cinematography and Digital color grading post graduation. Larry has directed many projects in the past ranging from short films to internet videos and has worked on countless other projects covering majority of the jobs on a set. Larry is the Director for A Summer to Remember.


Dustin Mills

Director of Photography

Dustin Mills is a filmmaker from northern Ohio who has made a name for himself in the underground filmmaking scene for his prolific output and his penchant for subversive content, offbeat humor, stylish camera work, and signature special effects. Dustin will be assuming the role of Director of Photography during the production of A Summer to Remember.


Corporate Sponsorship

A private showing will occur prior to festival screenings.
A Summer To Remember will be submitted to multiple festivals worldwide.
Public premiere after film festival circuit is complete locally. National and global distribution will be dependent on distribution contracts but is being sought.
All of One Stoplight Productions’ movie premieres have been sold out or near capacity.

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